"A reputable name is a priceless treasure" (Friedrich Schiller)

Beautiful personalized blankets and throws, woven or embroidered exclusively with your company logo.
A gift that always evokes "comfortably warm" memories. Whether as a Christmas gift for your employees and business partners, as a thank you or just to make someone feel good, a blanket is always something special and personal.

Individualised blankets are varilable in sizes. Throws in 60” x 80” (150 x 200 cm), lap blankets in 40”x 60” (100 x 150 cm), Kids Blankets in 30” x 40” (100 x 75 cm), in a wide color range, with sateen ribbon, whipstitch or fringes.

"Did you know?"

Home blankets as promotional gifts have a particular long lasting effect. According to statistics, each blanket is used up to about 10 years!

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